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Stretch the white paper on hard and smooth surface.

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Keep the cotton layer below white paper on the portion of the palm where central portion of the palm rests. The Central portion of the palm is a little hollow. The lines of this portion will not come out clearly if cotton layer is not kept below the paper. Dry the palm after washing the same and spread lipstick evenly on entire palm and fingers.

How to read a palm - the astrology of the hand - psychic, clairvoyant and intuitive insight

Keep the lipstick bearing palm on the white paper and press it with the other hand as shown in the above figure.. While applying pressure, the lipstick bearing palm should not shake at all. Then remove the palm from the paper. You will see that full print of hand lines has come on the paper.

After that, take a print of thumb from base to tip separately on the blank portion of the same paper. In case the lipstick-bearing hand shakes while taking the print, the lines will not come out clear. In such a case wash your hands, dry it, and take the print by applying lipstick once again. The same procedure should be repeated in the case of other hand.

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If you could send images taken by more then one methods, you may send them all. The institute will select the perfect one and send consultation on its basis It is compulsory to send the image or print of both the hands. Please send more than one print for accurate answers. Toggle navigation. Indian Vedic Palmistry. Online Palm Reading : Are you curious about what your palm Lines say about you?

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Get your personalized future prediction from your friendly astrologer, Nisha. Upload Left Hand Image. Upload Right Hand Image. Ask a specific question :- Prashna- Have a question? Love and marriage- The hand analysis is especially useful for relationships as it can offer someone insights into their partner, or any relationship about how that person receives love and how they give love The report will Include how happy the marriage will be. The lines that run on our palm, our mount of the hand, fingers and thumbs each one of them represents a specific character of a person.

A Palm Reading Chart You'll Want to Refer to Over and Over Again

Astrology Palm reading is an important part of our astrology services. Right-hand palm describes different characteristics and left-hand palm defines different characteristics of a person. It is known that left hand is our future and right hand our present work.

  • A Palm Reading Chart You'll Want to Refer to Over and Over Again.
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However, a skilled and an experienced palm reader consider the findings of both the palm before giving any final solution. Your right-hand tells who you are and how you represent yourself in front of the outer world. Your left hand describes everything i. Human hand is divided into three main sections, which are fingers, mounts of the hands and fingers. Each section of the hands depicts its own qualities. First part of the hand is the fingers that show the connection with the mind and the higher self.

The middle part of the hand denotes the day-to-day life activities and our subconscious level. The lower part of a palm describes our consciousness and other characteristics. Our thumb and fingers say a lot about us, a thumb is divided into three phalanges. The tip of the thumb represents our will power and if our thumb is club shaped it represents criminal bent of mind. The part of the thumb, which is called phalanges, represents our logical capacity.

These were a brief description of the part of the palmistry but an expert can only assess the detailed analysis of this science.

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Astrologer Prashant Kapoor is one of the best palm reading experts who has analyzed more than 16, palms until now and has provided solutions for the same. Palm reading also helps to find out correct time of marriage, suitable career and profession, education and progeny. The lines that are present in the hands describing our whole life cycle are:.

Apart from the above, there are other minute lines and diagrams found in our hands in the form of a cross, triangle, islands, lotus, and shape of a fish, chain, and circle that denotes various situations and future events of our life. The imminent sign found on the mount of Jupiter is a cross.

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  7. It denotes a marvelous and a life of a king size. The palm reading helps to find out the love affair and marriage prospect in future. Along a deep marriage line nearer to the heart line denotes an early sexual attachment either in the form of marriage or an affair. A single, long marriage line shows one affection and everlasting relationship with the spouse.